5th anniversary! 5th anniversary!

5 years ago today, on the 11th February 2018, the very first post announcing the website has been published!

5 years is a long time and a lot has happened in the world, on and with the band to which this fan website is dedicated. originally started as a place to gather additional information related to the band besides more obvious places like Wikipedia and Discogs. As Lazlo Bane was on hiatus at that time the website was generally on it’s own with it’s sections adding and expanding.

As the time went by Lazlo Bane returned to the public eye. The major events of the last five years would be the announcement of the All the Time in the World vinyl reissue, then the band’s reunion and finally the new album release and the announcement of the first live shows since 2007.

There was also a lot of activity from the band members outside Lazlo Bane: film scoring, production, session work, additional bands and more. was covering all the events mentioned above and will continue to publish information related to the band in the future. Stay tuned!

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