The key Lazlo Bane album reissued on vinyl


Lazlo Bane’s most known album All the Time in the World is being reissued on vinyl by Lonestar Records this November!

The band’s “ode to California” was step forward from their debut 11 Transistor featuring songwriting from all the members of the band and a variety of new instruments and sounds. It helped to establish Lazlo Bane’s popularity as their song Superman was used as a theme song to the NBC hit show Scrubs the year prior to the album’s release.

The songs were re-mastered for vinyl by Masterdisc NY. This makes All the Time in the World the band’s second ever vinyl release, with the first being their debut single “Buttercup” 23 years before.

The album is reissued on electric blue clear vinyl limited to 500 copies on 9 November 2018. The press release and pre-order is available through label’s shop page. Other stores where you can pre-order the album include:

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    All the Time in the World is now available to pre-order from

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