Official links

Lazlo Bane’s Facebook page

Relaunched in 2020

Lazlo Bane’s MySpace page

The band’s previous official account, currently inactive

The (Silent) Rage Myspace page

The band’s alter ego official account, currently inactive

Lazlo Bane’s Twitter account

Currently inactive

CDBaby’s Lazlo Bane Youtube channel

Audio of all the songs currently available through CDBaby store

Band members’ links

Chad Fischer

Chad Fischer’s official website

Chad Fischer on Instagram

Chad Fischer’s Youtube channel

Chad Fischer’s Youtube channel (old version, currently inactive)

Chad Fischer’s Vimeo channel

Chad Fischer’s MySpace page

Tim Bright

Tim Bright’s official website

Tim Bright on Instagram

Tim Bright’s Vimeo channel

Tim Bright’s MySpace page

Chris Link

Chris Link’s MySpace page

Robert Burke

Robert Burke’s Youtube channel related links Facebok page

A companion to the website. Youtube channel

For the videos not available elsewhere

Lazlo Bane’s Wikipedia page

For all the information about the band with sources and references. Updated mostly by the author of this website.

Lazlo Bane on Discogs

For the detailed information about the band’s releases.

Notable web articles

Almo Sounds History

Lazlo Bane wants to be your ‘Superman’

Colin Hay Band, Lazlo Bane @ Carl Pfeifer Performing Arts Center – 7/14/07