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All the Time in the World LP is out today!

All the Time in the World reissue on limited Electric Blue Vinyl is out today! Don’t hesitate to get your copy: P.S. It’s unclear why, but some of the stores state the

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The key Lazlo Bane album reissued on vinyl

Lazlo Bane’s most known album All the Time in the World is being reissued on vinyl by Lonestar Records this November! The band’s “ode to California” was step forward from their debut 11 Transistor featuring songwriting from all the members of the band and

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All the Time in the World 16th anniversary

27th of September is a birthday for the All the Time in the World, Lazlo Bane’s most known album and the host to the band’s signature song “Superman”. All the Time in the World has turned 16 this year. If for

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Big Spill lyrics added

Lyrics to all the songs from the Big Spill album have been added to the website. Lazlo Bane’s alter ego album was the one missing all of them online. With this update not only the album was completed, but all

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Update to Other songs and Videos section

There was a little update to the Other songs section. Informatin about several Lazlo Bane related songs was added to the website. The Videos section was also updated with two beautiful covers of “Superman” by The Blanks and The Kings.

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Guilty Pleasures 11th anniversary!

Today is the 11th anniversary of the Lazlo Bane’s fouth studio album Guilty Pleasures! Check out the Get music page and find a suitable way to listen to the album.

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Back Sides lyrics added

Lyrics to all Back Sides‘ songs have been added to the website. Back Sides was among the albums that has been missing most of them, but not anymore. Feel free to explore! Several songs are missing a few words though,

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Big Spill 5th anniversary

Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Rage album Big Spill.   It took a long time for the album finally being released as the first songs from it were made available to listen as yearly as 2006 with

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New web site section – Gigography (and other updates)

Today, a new section of the site was added – Gigography. It puts together all the Lazlo Bane shows which were at least somehow referenced. Several concert pages were also created, which feature some additional information, including performed songs and

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11 Transistor reviews

The reviews section of the 11 Transistor wikipedia page has been heavily updated with quotes and links. For now, this kind of content better fits wikipedia. As for the reviews, Lazlo Bane recieved a number of positive ones with their