Colin Hay announces Now and the Evermore
Colin Hay announces Now and the Evermore

Colin Hay has announced his new studio album Now and the Evermore due to come out on March 03, 2022. The album is his first collection of new material since the 2016 release of Fierce Mercy and at the same time less than a year after I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.

The album features contribution from none other than Ringo Starr on the title track which is already available to stream and download. The song has been previously released as an acoustic version in 2020, you can also check it out.

Colin Hay once again collaborated with Chad Fischer for his new album, this time featuring Chad recording and mixing several songs.

Now and the Evermore is available to pre-order in various physical editions including signed versions and multiple coloured vinyl.

Now and the Evermore blue vinyl and CD

The tour in support will also take place starting in March. Colin Hay will also join Ringo Starr and His All-Starr band later in summer. For more information see Colin's website.


  1. Now And The Evermore
  2. Love Is Everywhere
  3. Into The Bright Lights
  4. The Sea Of Always
  5. Starfish And Unicorns
  6. A Man Without A Name
  7. Undertown
  8. All I See Is You
  9. Agatha Bell
  10. When Does The End Begin?
“Easy to Forget” – new single by Closebye
“Easy to Forget” – new single by Closebye

The Queens based band Closebye have just released a new single titled "Easy to Forget".

The song is notable for being produced and engineered by Tim Bright and features contributions from Kate Davis.

"Easy to Forget" is a lead single from Closebye's upcoming album Lucid News, which is due to be released on January 22, 2022 through Sub Rosa Records.

You can listen to the track here:

New studio album Someday We’ll Be Together by Lazlo Bane
New studio album Someday We’ll Be Together by Lazlo Bane

On 30th October Lazlo Bane released a new album - Someday We'll Be Together. The album followed on the next day after the announcement through the "Life on Mars" music video.

Credited to Lazlo Bane & Friends the album consist of 12 songs Lazlo Bane and Chad Fischer released as videos since April 2020. These are 5 songs originally released as Lazlo Bane and 7 more as Chad Fischer's solo recordings. For some reason the song "Nature's Way", which was Fischer's second video release, isn't included.

The album is available through streaming services. No news about the physical release yet.

Here's several links where you can get Someday We'll Be Together:


  1. Trampoline
  2. 1975
  3. 3 Strange Days (feat. School of Fish)
  4. I'm No Superman
  5. Dear God (feat. Lyle Workman & Amelia Dektor)
  6. Big Shot (feat. Larry Goldings)
  7. I'll Do Everything
  8. A Life of Illusion
  9. You've Got a Friend (feat. Louise Goffin & Colin Hay)
  10. Our House
  11. Ship of Fools
  12. Life on Mars