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The following page is a complete copy of the blog the band had on their Myspace page, with all the publishing dates, pictures and comments the users had left. The only exceptions are users’ profile pictures which are omitted on purpose.

The blog covered the period from 2006 to 2011 and was the source for official Lazlo Bane news and activity. The blog itself became unavailable after 2013 Myspace relaunch and was never restored by the band.

Alone Again Video

??? 2011 – 12:26

Check out the new video for Alone Again (from our latest Guilty Pleasures CD) by the amazingly gifted boys at Clay Cow Productions. We hope you love it as much as we do. Whoohoo!! -Chad

Here was a link for Lazlo Bane Alone Again video, currently unavailable

The Rocker rocks Lazlo Bane!

25 jun 2008 – 11:17

Hey All, It’s been a while – sorry for the silence but the boys of Lazlo have been busy. We are proud to announce that The Rocker (Fox), starring Rainn Wilson and Teddy Geiger, out on August 1st, features almost all songs penned by the boys of Lazlo. Front man, Chad Fischer, who also scored the film and produced the soundtrack (Sony), was busy last summer writing songs for the fictitious, A.D.D., which Teddy Geiger fronts in the film. The rest of Lazo Bane (Chris Link, Tim Bright, and Chicken) were pulled in to help pen the two monster 80’s heavy metal songs for Rainn’s old band, Vesuvius. Also, last fall Chad and Tim were busy slaving away on scoring season 1 of the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. Season two is about to begin. Ahhh! Chicken has been busy scoring number one films in France! And Chris has been busy writing and pitching scripts to all the major studios in Hollywood. Go Chris!I know we’ve been promising an album of new material this year and we will get to it – but probably not until ’09:-(Thanks for checking in and don’t forget to check out The Rocker.Whoohoo!LB

Joe Strange

I realise It’s really Really late to say this but…

It’s great to see you guys doing a whole bunch of crazy goodness for the band, and I just watched the rocker (non of my friends share the Bane-mania) But you all overdid yourselves on the soundtrack especially you chad. Really looking forward to some new tunes from what will undoubtedly be my favorite album this year ( for my library of course)

Unconditional support to everyone.

Shay J Grey *Go Be the …

wow taht’s a lot of awesome shit going on… i will def be checking it all out…

no wonder Uncle Chicken hasn’t messaged me back hah…

well congrats guys!!! can’t wait for the new tunes and to hear what else you guys have up your sleeves!!!


Vince Sutton

way cool guys! cant wait for the new album

Chayse Vititoe


have fun with the recording and stuff.

Emcee TC of Cactus T…

Congratulations for the Groovy break dudes! I’ll post & bullentin as I can here!Peace,Prayers,&Faith~T.C from S.C.’s Death Valley~

Our New CD is here!!!!

8 nov 2007 – 10:02

Finally, a new Lazlo Bane CD – and just in time for the holidays. Order your copy now exclusively at CDBaby and bask in the glory of it’s groovy, saturated, bearded, 70’s artwork, matched only by it’s groovy, saturated, bearded 70’s sound. 20 genius 70’s covers for 12 bucks – now those are 70’s prices! We worked our butts off on this one and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.



Lewis Nowosad

Let’s see the record industry try to limit the number of times you can listen to THIS! HA!

Bravo for going Vinyl!


22 sep 2007 – 10:12

While we were on touring this past August, opening for Colin Hay (he rules!), we took one day off to drive up to Woodstock, NY and shoot a video for our cover of 10CC’s “I’m Not In Love” which is featured on our new CD, Guilty Pleasures. Many hours, balloons, xmas lights, beards, space suits, river rafting, and intergalactic space travels later and voila! The video is here! Special thanks to all of those involved: Heather Seybolt, our fearless and tireless director/cinemetographer/editor, Selena Preston for her bad-ass camera work, Rhiannon Hyde for the kick-ass lighting, and Elissa and Jay – Chad’s cousins who were coerced into blowing up 400 balloons. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it.


Mark Daniel Heywood

very awesome =)


You guys are crazy whack funky…but in a good way.



Notes from the road – Sea Side, NJ

24 jul 2007 – 4:16

Donovan’s Reef

No words are needed to describe the triumphant conquest of the good folks at Donovan’s Reef. We came, we saw, we conquested.


Whaaaat how did I miss this?? When will you be taking Sea Side by storm again? It’s less than an hour from me… 🙁 Can you come back tomorrow?? Please??…

Roger Moss

So how can we get those hotties at all your shows?

Notes from the road – Baltimore

23 jul 2007 – 10:40

Ram’s Head Live

The Jersey turnpike rules. Especially that center medium pit stop with everything a hungry band needs: Starbucks/RoyRogers/Sabarros/Bathroom/Sunoco. Ram’s Head Live turned out to be a great venue for a spectacular show. Syd and Boo, the production stage crew, hooked us up with a kick ass back stage set up and plenty of local lager. In return we dawned our NASA space suits for a rocking set that produced tears for at least one audience member who claimed to be Lazlo fan from the very beginning (that’s 12 years ago!). Competition was running high as The Violent Fems were kicking out the jams on the out door stage. But we held our own with a 9.75 (The Fems gave about a 8.25 – not quite as good as the 10 we witnessed at the Universal Amphitheater three years ago). The moment du jour was Colin joining the Bane for their rendition of Overkill. Woohoo!!

~*I Love My Soldier*~

Rams Head was my first time seeing you guys and I thought that you were great! My fiance and I love your version of Overkill and we were very happy that you played it! Good luck with the rest of your tour!

Notes from the road – New York City

20 jul 2007 – 4:19

The Canal Room.

The first time we played in NYC was exactly 10 years ago at the now defunct Brownies in the east village. And what a show it was. Every booking agent in town was there to check out this newly signed, lean young band who’d just also signed with U2’s management. Chad and Chris thought it would be a good idea to partake in some “green” activity before hitting the stage, and the rest is history. Chad in a ball of sweat induced panic, couldn’t figure out how to turn on his amp, tune his guitar, or remember any of his own lyrics. Let’s just say we didn’t sign with any booking agents that night.

Last night was an entirely different Lazlo Bane. Chad was cool as a cucumber, remembered lyrics, and basically charmed his way through our 30-minute set. We started with Reach Out — a song in which Chad just stands and sings — and added an epic Breathe Me In back into the lineup. But we also did a raucous Stuck In the Middle With You and a bopping Superman. What a difference a decade makes!

For all these reasons, we’re giving this show a 9.5 out of 10, a triumphant return for a band that bombed (and was bombed) in this town 10 years ago.
(note the newly shaven, post video shoot faces. Oh, how we miss the beards)

The Splash Master

You guys sounded great, the sound in the room was good, why so few gigs out here?

Notes from the road – Northampton

19 jul 2007 – 5:49

Lazlo LOVES Northampton! We came up yesterday from Woodstock, NY, where we were making a video for the Guilty Pleasures CD (we’ll get to that in a separate blog). What an awesome drive – green mountains, the Hudson river – candy for the eyes.

We played at a place called the Iron Horse, which I think is another name for Steam Trains or Harleys or something. We were working on practically no sleep when we hit the stage, and yet – as much as we hate to admit it – we think this show may have been a 9. (If you’re just checking in, we’ve been rating our shows on a scale of 1-10 during this tour.)

We thought it was going to be a mellow show. We thought, OK, Northampton is kind of a folky town, let’s play the quiet stuff. But what we’ve learned is that people everywhere want the rock. So our set got progressively louder.

We’ve also learned that a half hour is way too short! We had to drop Breathe Me In to make it all fit. Oh, well. Great venue, great audience. We enjoyed it immensely.


Notes from the road – East Hartford

17 jul 2007 – 7:39

So far, this tour has been a study in contrasts. Every venue is incredibly different: an outdoor concert in a park, a rock club, a gymnasium. This show was in an old school building that is now the East Hartford Cultural Center. Artists rent out large spaces in the building, and they have shows in the auditorium. Very cool.

Well, we were feeling the love tonight, and everything just kind of clicked. The score for tonight’s show? 8.5.

Tomorrow, we make the video for I’m Not in Love, for Guilty Pleasures, which, if you haven’t already checked it out … well, you should.


8.5?? Come on…at least a solid 9! You guys rock! What a great unexpected bonus seeing you in East Hartford. Great show, and perfect compliment to Colin’s set. Thanks and hope you make it back to our corner of the country again.

palmetto bug

definitly an odd venue to see yall at.. i felt like i was at a high school talent show 😉 great show. i like these small venues, keeps things intimite! last time i saw yall was up in boston at the lacross benefit and i have to say, i like you guys a lot better electric. cant wait to see yall again next time you are in connecticut! 🙂 keep writing great music! 🙂


only a 8.5?

and i was disapointed there was no t-shirts.

Kiki Ebsen

Hey I thought it was at least an 8.75! great playing with you guys. Have fun on your video tomorrow.

Kiki (the piano player)

Brian & Stacy

I was my first time seeing the band & I really enjoyed myself.
You made at least one new fan last night.

Chad – thanks for giving me a copy of the setlist 🙂


What an awesome concert it was! Lazlo Bane you guys are wonderful! So all I have to say to you (and Colin Hay as well) is: eat grilled salmon, steamed broccoli and brown rice at least once a week, drink plenty of water and get moderate excersize 5 times a week because selfishly I want you guys to keep writing music for a long long time.

Have to be off now as I have to finish downloading everything you’ve got on Itunes and now I must go start gifting your music to people.

Thank You!

Notes from the road – Farmingdale, NY

16 jul 2007 – 7:53


This show was really an 8.5, but since we have several shows left on this tour, we’re trying to pace ourselves and not peak too early. That’s why we’re giving it an 8 officially.

We played in a club called the Crazy Donkey and met some died-in-the-wool Baniacs! Including Evan, who helped us load in and took some great pics of the band during the show.

It’s funny how easy it is to live the “virtual” life, communicating only in blogs and emails. Connecting with real people in real life is the best. Don’t you think?

We dropped just about all the mellow songs for this show, even Breathe Me In, which has been a staple. Something about the club said “rock out,” and that’s just what we did.

Tonight, East Hartford!

Notes from the road – Wykoff New Jersey

15 jul 2007 – 7:32

Tonight’s show was much better in some ways than last nights – better sound, no broken strings or guitars. We’d say it was probably a 7 out of 10. We do worry about burning out too early. If we have a “10” show tomorrow, what then?

One change we made tonight was dropping “Map of my heart,” which we love to play, but seems more suited to a smaller club. Sometimes the real intimate songs don’t translate well on big stages. It’s one of the things you learn on the road, playing on a different stage every night.

Like our experience in Stamford, we loved Wykoff. Great town. Nice folks.

Farmingdale, here we come!

P.S. For those who read the last blog, last night’s sushi was UNBELIEVABLE!

Notes from the road

13 jul 2007 – 12:19

We thought we’d jot down a few notes from our experience on this short summer tour of ours.

Our first show was in Stamford CT. We’d never been to Stamford before, and apparently Stamford is a big party town. How else would you explain thousands of people (we’re not kidding) coming out on a Thursday afternoon to see live music, eat and make merry? It was like a great big medeival fair!

We met some really cool people and played with KiKi, a fantastic piano player, for the first time.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d say the show was a 5. Chad broke a string, Chicken couldn’t hear anything, and Tim’s guitar pickup short circuited. Probably things no one even noticed, but we’re shooting for TOTAL PERFECTION IN LIVE PERFORMANCE, so we compare notes, make changes, and try again.

Tomorrow night, we play in New Jersey. Tonight, sushi!!!


Guilty Pleasures is up on iTunes!!!!!

10 jul 2007 – 9:45

Yup, it’s up! Don’t waste any time reading this. Go download the record!





Not only do I dig the songs, but the artwork is awesome too! My sister and I used to have pillows shaped like those guys on the cover!
Cool beans!


another magnificent record!!!

Chris Orr

Just downloaded it and I’ve gotta say I’m liking it so far!

New Video for Guilty Pleasures

10 jun 2007 – 10:16

Hey All,

Chad, our fearless lead singer, stayed up all Saturday night putting together the new Guilty Pleasures album video. Watch it, love it, laugh at it and let us know what you think. We’re also trying to figure out which Guilty Pleasure song to do a video for. Any and all suggestions are welcome.




I am looking forward to this baby, but please make this available on CD like you promised. Backsides was supposed to be CD as well. Personally, I believe iTunes sucks the big one…I can’t bear the low bitrates ruining the work you guys have done in the studio, you may as well just roll off the top and bottom on the mix. Rant over.

Oh, I forgot, the video. Lonely Boy. Or Alone Again Naturally. Alone Again Naturally. Yes. Do that one.



Great choice of songs. And two from 10cc? How cool is that! All I could think of though was how much fun these must have been to play. Can’t wait!


24 mar 2007 – 4:57

We’re posting new Guilty Pleasures every couple weeks – as soon as we finish them we’ll throw them up. And Baby Come Back is the latest, and what a gem it is. This tune was originally done by Player, and never covered by Hall & Oats, unbeknownst to many. Player was actually given a lot of grief for sounding like Hall & Oats when this track came out in 1978. What grief will we see? Gulp!

Note Lazlo’s drummer, Chicken, making a little vocal appearance. Chicken will be doing a lot more chirping on several Guilty Pleasures to come – as will be Chris, our man who covers the low lows on the bass and the high high’s of those huge harmonies.




Dig the music.

Trippy thing…I bought my first guitar amp from Peter Becket (did I spell it right Peter…sorry) when he live on Highland in an apartment…it was an acoustic 170 head with a 104 6X10 cab loud as a banshee..solid state clean…hmm think it had built in fuzz..ugh…….the album, on rhino records, had just come out ..must have been 76…77..78?…something like that….he gave me a signed copy of the promo release…probably stil have it some where….always dug the song “Baby come back”best tune on the album..weird album..actual plastic….darn dudes I was gonna remake it….

Gareth Marshall

The song is awesome. You guys have really outdone yourselfs if the whole album is up to par like this song :p

Although, the people missed why this song is great also: The Lyrics. (yes, I can hear people puting their hands to their faces in shame. FOR SHAME! /jk :p)
The Lyrics totally fit the style and pace that LB usually does, as well as being clear enough for you to completely pick up everything Chad says and sing along. Well, in my head of course ^^

Keep up the great work, Lazo Bane!


This cover is fantastic, and Chicken doesn’t sound half bad.


Brenda Washburn-Fallon

Okay, so I loved “Lonely Boy”.  But this…?  Wow!  The music, harmonies, production, arrangement… fantastic.  I feel like a teeny bopper with her first crush, playing that special song over and over again, LOL!   Anyway, I had to comment on the great job, and again pass along my thanks yet again.  To paraphrase coach Woddy Hayes, I gave you two Kudos ’cause they wouldn’t let me go for three!

Brenda Washburn-Fallon

“…again pass along my thanks again”?  Oops. Next time I’ll make an effort to post before my third glass of merlot.  Ah well, don’t let the redundancy undermine the sentiment!

Lazlo’s latest GUILTY PLEASURE!

26 feb 2007 – 3:10

So, we’re in the middle of recording a kick ass CD of 70’s covers called, Guilty Pleasures: songs that make you say, “Wait a minute, I remember this…I love this song! Who’s it by?”

Lonely Boy was released in 1977 by Andrew Gold who also wrote the theme song for The Golden Girls… and the LB motto happens to be, “Go for the gold!” (Gold Minor’s Dream, anyone?)

Guilty Pleasures will be released this spring.

Let us know what you think.

Do it!!


Brett Wasserman

dude thats way chillin

the nocturnal house

If the other covers are as good as Lonely Boy then I can’t wait!


Please please please please etc etc etc play the UK

All time fave band James have reformed and are touring in the spring so a visit from you guys would make my year if not decade

Hotel Cafe Show Pics!!

20 feb 2007 – 11:43

The whole band: Tim, Chad, Chicken, Chris and special guest, Colin Hay from Men at Work, and Jefff Babko, on piano and trombone.

As you can tell – we are very proud of our fliers…


13 jan 2007 – 3:59

After our December show in LA, someone remarked that we sounded a bit like the 70’s band, Steeler’s Wheel. That’s what we said, “Who?” Then, the very next day, we were asked to record a 70’s driving song for a scene in a movie. Chris said, “Hey fellas, how about, Stuck in the Middle with You?” Then, while Googling the lyrics, we found out that the darn tune was penned by non other than (drum roll please) Steeler’s Wheel! So here it is, in all it’s 70’s glory – and another new Lazlo track for our next CD!! Let us know what you think. Cheers, LB

Chris Danger

That song always conjures up that scene in Reservoir Dogs for me. But now, whenever I hear your cover of “Stuck In The Middle”, i’ll chuckle at that scene even more. Thanks guys for improving on a classic 70’s tune and making me ever more so demented 🙂


Makes me wanna dance!  I agree w/ Paul…10/10!

Samuel Hendrickson

You guys killed that song! It sounds amazing!


The tune rocks fella’s everything about it was spot on 🙂 10 out of 10

Chad opens for Colin Hay!

21 dec 2006 – 10:51

Lazlo Bane front man, Chad Fischer, borrowed a few cables and a couple of musicians from old pal, Colin Hay, on the Dec 16th and kicked out the jams at Hollywood’s famous, Largo. Here’s the flyer. Gotta love the flyer. xo-LB

Beck ♥

Nice flyer!
Your song Overkill, is really good!
Is that a Colin Hay original though, I only discovered Colin Hay today, he’s very good, just like you!
Great music xxx

Lazlo Bane Rocks Room 5!!

11 dec 2006 6:42

Yes, we rocked like KISS. Thanks for asking.

Brett Wasserman

lmfao dude, sweetness

Why we made the video

17 oct 2006 3:49

Hey, thanks for checking out the Peace is our Profession video. We’re not a real political band, but it just seems like the world is going nuts lately. There are too many guns, too many people dying in Iraq, and too many people in Washington who are all saying, don’t worry about it. We’ve got it under control. Well, apparently they don’t. We say everyone who wants peace should stand up and ask for it. Y’know? Well, that’s why we made the video anyway. That and we love Stanley Kubrick’s films, especially Dr. Strangelove.

Stephen Richards

Wow! I loved this song so much that I used it for my solo project in video production. Thanks for the inspiration, and please don’t sue for royalties, I’m not making money from it, just getting a grade haha.

Keep making great music!


Chris Orr

It is a sweet song, the video has some nice bits too! Can’t wait for the new CD, still living in hope of you guys playing a show in the UK sometime in the next year haha!


You’ve done it again, good track with a video that fits like a glove.

Eat your greens and remember give peas a chance.


18 aug 2006 10:07


In the beginning, there was nothing (and it sucked!). Then, after billions of years, the dinosaurs, early civilizations, wars, Woodstock and the Jeffersons, there was Lazlo Bane.

But before the glory and the fury, and long before world domination, Lazlo was merely a splinter Chad Fischer’s drumstick. “I had been touring as a drummer with a band called School of Fish,” says Fischer. “And after a couple years we kind of stalled in Los Angeles. We had made this difficult record with this mean producer guy who wouldn’t let us play on our own record. Instead he hired so-called professionals. I never really got over that, so when we went our separate ways a few months later, I decided to stay in L.A. and build a recording studio. That way, I could record my own songs in my own studio and no mean producer could fire me.


The result is 11 Transistor. Says Chad of his maiden voyage, “I had one bass, a cheap guitar, and a couple of old tube amplifiers. Most of the record was done on 16 tracks with very few effects. The idea was to work with as little as possible and make it sound the best it could, just like those old transistor radios. All the songwriting was done on an acoustic guitar into a little dictaphone. The melodies had to work, and every song had to pass the dictaphone test before I’d record it. I’m proud of it. It’s my first baby.


But with his baby now all swaddled up and looking good, Chad realized he didn’t want to be a single parent. In fact, he needed a team of parents to love and nurture the little tyke. That team was Lazlo Bane. Chris Link was immediately recruited to play the low bits, Chicken (AKA Dino) mapped out the beats, Tim Bright strummed his Strat-O-Caster, and Chad traded his sticks for a microphone and some velvet swatches. The Bane was born and soon took to the road like a touring tornado. From rodeos to rock clubs, from Topas bars to topless shanties, from pool parties to panty raids, Lazlo dished out their own brand of fun. “People tried to resist it,” says Chris. “They’d give you that look, like ‘No, I’m not going to like it.’ But by the middle of the set they were back at you with a look that said ‘Hey! Remember me? I do like it after all! I do like it!”

Then came the video for their first single, Overkill, featuring Men at Work’s very own Colin Hay. The darn thing got so much play on MTV2 it made 1997’s top ten of the year! The Bane’s relationship with the man from down under continues to this day. Chad has co-written and produced several tracks for Colin and can sometimes even been seen thrashing on the drums during his live show.


Now firmly established as a band, Chris, Tim, Chad, and Chicken (AKA Dino) returned to Los Angeles to make the record that would eventually become the benchmark for all musical endeavors going forward. Says Chad, “All the Time in the World is the product of more than two years of constant song writing. From the start, we wanted to make a great record. Something you would listen to over and over, from beginning to end, and then you’d use the shuffle feature on your CD player.” “We probably recorded more than 30 songs over the course of those two years,” adds Chris. “Each time we wrote a song we thought was going to make the record, the bar was raised higher. So the next song would have to be even better. By the end, we’d trash 10 ideas before we found one we liked.”

Stylistically, All the Time in the World runs the gamut, from polished pop ditties to raging rockers and mournful dirges. “We don’t want to be the kind of band that makes the same statement twice,” says Tim through an interpreter, and adds, “We don’t want to be the kind of band that makes the same statement twice.” In contrast to 11 Transistor’s guitar-heavy stylings, the songs on All the Time in the World feature pianos, violins, and saxophones as well as the tried and true guitar, bass and drum rhythm section. And there’s plenty of chirping,” says Chad. “It’s the focal point of the record.”


After recording All the Time in the World, the fellers wondered what to do with all the songs that didn’t make it on to the record but that ruled just the same. The answer: Backsides (originally titled, Lazlo: the Glory and the Fury, Parts I and II). “Every song on Backsides was at one time or another in the running for inclusion in All the Time in the World,” says Chris. “We have a real soft spot in our hearts for these songs because they’re so pure.” Adds Chicken (AKA Dino), “These are the kind of songs the record people would shake their heads at; songs that don’t follow the commercial format exactly. But they rule!”

Scrubs! (on NBC)

In 2001, the band was paid its highest compliment when Zach Braff from the cast of Scrubs asked if the show could use Superman (from All the Time in the World) as its theme song. As Chad remembers it, “At first I said, ‘Over my dead body, bitch! The Bane will never, ever sell out to those corporate whores! We would rather die in cold dirty ditches than pimp our masterpiece to the corporate machine!’ But Zach had been a Lazlo fan for a while, and he had all the cool Lazlo Bane T-shirts and hats. So then I said, ‘You bet!’ Zach pushed to get the song on the show, and we were thrilled.” Says Chris, “The song is our way of saying there are certain things in life that are more important that the fast-paced job and the race for achievement that everybody gets caught up in from time to time things like a bag of crunchy Cheetos on the ride home from seeing your buds. Or, cranking your favorite song in the car and wondering how loud it is for the people outside. And that seems to be what the show is all about.”


When Lazlo Bane get’s tired of writing pop tunes to change the world, they switch instruments, thrown on some wigs and throw down the gauntlet of ROCK with what has been described as AC/DC meets…AC/DC.


histories of bands dont get much better than that.
but u should hav added a a part about a gang war between ur fans and umm… cat empires fans with like spears and grenades and stuff.

also u should have mention the part about all ur secret desire to com to australia and peform to ur biggest fan in the world (besides Bill) harris Stuckey

plz com pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez


I have to tell you guys, 2006 was such a sucky ass year for me and my brother told me one day to watch scrubs. So I began watching it and everytime I here superman I smile and say, god I love that song. Funny how not wanting to give it up, but doing so  ended up making a guy somewhere else in the country who never heard of you smile. I know smiles don’t pay for your familys and such so yes I will be buying your cd’s as well.

Thanks for the good times Lazlo

David Staggs

Not to mention having a Myspace page that’s all the rage… o.O