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Standing in the Rain: the second track of 2020 from GIVE

GIVE have released yet another new song “Standing in the Rain”, the second of the supposed four releases of 2020.

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Chad Fischer is joined by School of Fish members for “3 Strange Days”

Chad Fischer have released yet another video cover – “3 Strange Days”, originally from the School of Fish self-titled debut album.

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Chad Fischer’s special online performances continue

Chad Fischer has released a new video of the song “Dear God”. Unlike the previous two covers this one (originally by XTC) is performed with the help of the whole cast of musicians featured both on instruments and in the

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Chad Fischer’s special online performances

Chad Fischer has shared two videos of himself playing “A Life of Illusion” (originally by Joe Walsh) and “Nature’s Way” (originally by Spirit). The songs are themed around the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic. The beautiful and emotional performances

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“Feeling Good”: new GIVE track as promised

As it was hinted earlier this year, GIVE continued releases with a new track from the 2000s’ – “Feeling Good”.

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Kate Davis’ Trophy is coming on vinyl

Kate Davis has announced a vinyl release of her album Trophy. This new edition will be released on 14th of February as 150g gold vinyl through Solitaire Recordings and includes a download card.

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2019 in review

As 2019 recently stepped out for 2020 it’s time to look back on what a year it have been. And actually, a lot of interesting things have happened.

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New GIVE songs might come up in 2020

2020 is starting with good news as Steven Hart has mentioned in a recent New Year facebook post that the releases of the new studio material dating back to the early days of GIVE are in the plans for 2020.

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Trophy in the Best of 2019 lists  

Kate Davis’ debut album Trophy is doing well as it has been recently ranked #69 on the Bandcamp 100 Best Albums of 2019 list and was featured in the The 15 Best Rock Albums Of 2019 compiled by the National Public Radio.

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Chad Fischer’s National Parks released

Chad Fischer has released his new instrumental album National Parks! The album is available through various online and streaming services. Every track on the album is an instrumental and ambient music which is dedicated to a certain US national park

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