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The following page contains the information about the various projects in which Chad Fischer, Tim Bright, Chris Link and Robert Burke participated as band members.

Chad Fischer

  • School of Fish

Chad Fischer was a drummer of School of Fish, a band founded by his college friend Josh Clayton-Felt, from 1991 until the band’s break up in 1994. Chad however he did not play on the band’s 1992 second album Human Cannonball as he and bass player Chris MacDonald ware replaced by session musicians. The only release of School of Fish that includes Fischer’s drumming is the 1993 single “Take Me Anywhere”, which included two live tracks as b-sides.

  • Colin Hay

While not exactly a member of band, Chad Fischer took part in recording of all Colin Hay’s albums from 1994 Topanga to 2015 Next Year People with his role including session musician on various instruments, mixing and sound engineer, co-writer, co-producer and even a director of the music video for the song “Send Somebody”.

  • A Don Piper Situation

Chad Fischer can be described as a brief member of a band A Don Piper Situation, which is is led by Don Piper and consist of his friends recording with him. Fischer appears on drums on one track of the self-titled 1997 EP.

  • GoldFisch

GoldFisch is a name of a duo consisting of Larry Goldings and Chad Fischer under which they were performing in the beginning of their musical careers.

In mid 2000’s the duo relaunched their partnership with electronic type of music by releasing a three-track EP on MySpace.

In 2020 the pair recorded and released a video for the cover of Billy Joel’s “Big Shot”.

  • Teddy Geiger

Chad Fischer was the artist behind the original songs for the film The Rocker which were released on the soundtrack album. It included 9 songs attributed to the film’s fictional band A.D.D. and credited to Teggy Geiger, who fronted the band in the film. These songs were mostly performed by Chad Fischer himself with Geiger later providing lead vocals.

  • Solo

Chad Fischer’s solo releases began with a promo compilation album consisting of mostly instrumental music recorded for the films Little Manhattan and Garden State. The album is notable for including the song “Map of My Heart” from Little Manhattan, the only Fischer’s original solo song released on any kind of album to date. “Map of My Heart” along with instrumental track “Motorcycle Ride” from Garden State were also made available to listen on Fischer’s MySpace page.

From the mid 2000’s Chad’s several music pieces appeared on various soundtrack albums which include three score suites from The Rocker, 10 Years and Chasing Mavericks, and two covers, Oye Como Vafrom My Super Ex-Girlfriend and “Alone Again” from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

After a several years of work on TV series music a soundtrack album Scandal: Original Television Series Soundtrack with the show’s score was released in the beginning of 2018, making it Fischer’s first official full length solo album.

In October 2019 Chad Fischer returned with new original music – an instrumental album titled National Parks, which is themed around US national parks and monuments.

Tim Bright

  • Miche and the Anglos

Tim Bright, along with future Lazlo Bane bandmate Chris Link, was a guitarist of the New Wave band Miche and the Anglos led by Miche Fambro since the beginning of the 80’s. Tim and Chris themselves joined the band sometime near ‘86 and were featured on it’s only studio album titled Can You Hear Colors? released in 1987. Miche and the Anglos broke up towards the end of 1988.

In 2014 a new live album by the band was released, Live Reunion at the Water st. Music Hall, featuring members from different lineups with Tim Bright and Chris Link participating, playing guitar and on bass respectively. A new album titled The Last Session with the recordings of unreleased tracks dating back to the 1988 and intended for the band’s second album was also released sometime at that point. The lineup wa the same as on Can You Hear Colors?

  • Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

Tim Bright was a guitarist for american singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb as part of her backing band Nine Stories. Tim was a member from 1990 to 1995 during which his releases with the band included Lisa’s breakthrough hit single “Stay (I Missed You)” and the album Tails.

  • Paris Hampton

Tim joined forces with Paris Hampton to record an album which resulted in Hampton’s pop rock self-titled record (sometimes referenced to as Postcard) which was self-released in 1997. Co-writing all of the songs and playing most of the instruments Tim Bright also co-produced the album with Alan Friedman. The album also featured the contributions from Chris Link on bass and Chicken on drums. The video for the opening track, “Old Ghost”, was shot.

This collaboration recieved a development in…

  • Samsara

During the late 90’s Tim Bright’s and Paris Hampton’s partnership transformed into Samsara – a rock/house/techno project led by the duo. The band was signed to Ruffnation Recods and bringing together several musicians that worked on Paris Hampton recorded a new self-titled album with Alan Friedman (keyboards, production), Chris Link (bass) and Tim’s fellow Nine Stories band member Jon Fienberg (drums). The video for the likely lead single “Tuning Out” was also shot.

However due to the acquisition of Time Warner (parent to Ruffnation) by AOL Samsara’s album release was indefinitely shelved. Only promo copies and several promo singles were released in early 2000’s.

Despite these circumstances the Tim and Paris continued as a unit and regrouped in 2003 to record a new album/EP Fast Too Slow with Jonny Cragg (from Spacehog and The Twenty Twos) on drums, Christian Bongers (from Botanica and Longwave) on bass and John Deley and Matt Beck on keyboards. Fast Too Slow was released independently through CDBaby in 2004 and was notable to include a cover of Lazlo Bane’s “Trampoline” recorded with assistance of Chad Fischer on drums and piano.

Fast Too Slow was promoted by a live performance of “Trampoline” for the Fearless Music show, the recording of which was later featured on the digital releases in mid 2010’s. Becca Schack also joined the band’s live lineup on keyboards. 

  • Solo

Tim released an untitled 4 track EP through his MySpace page in 2006. The songs are currently not available elsewhere.

  • Kate Davis

Tim Bright has collaborated extensively with singer-songwriter Kate Davis who started her indie-rock career in the second half of 2010’s.

Working with Kate, Tim took a number of roles including session work, production engineering, mixing, creation of the music videos, including the direction and taking part in video itself.

The first song by Kate Davis that Tim collaborated on was released in March 2019, a cover of “My Baby Just Cares For Me” from the soundtrack album for the film Five Feet Apart. Kate’s full length album followed in November 2019.

Tim was also a member of Kate’s backing band, both before the album’s release and on tour after. Kate Davis’ live session performance at the at Paste Studio, NY that feature Tim was made available on Youtube.

Chris Link

  • Miche and the Anglos

Chris Link, along with future Lazlo Bane bandmate Tim Bright, was a bass guitarist of the New Wave band Miche and the Anglos led by Miche Fambro since the beginning of the 80’s.

For more information about the band and releases featuring Chris see Tim’s section above.

  • GIVE

GIVE (the band writes it’s name in capital letters) was a supergroup that originally consisted of Chris Link (guitar/vocals), George Tsiaras (vocals/guitar) from Honkeyball, Stephen Hart (drums/vocals) from the post-metal band Claymore and Chris’ brother David on bass guitar.

GIVE’s only studio release during their original existence was a 2001 five track EP titled The Dog Days of Summer. Additional new track titled “How I Feel Tonight” was released in 2003 on the live compilation album Krautfest: Live Boston Rock. It is notable that early recordings by the band were made with participation of Chad Fischer in recording and mixing.

Before the release of the Debut EP David Link left the band and was replaced by Claude Yama (also from Honkeyball). Chris stayed with the band till the end of 2002 with Boston guitarist Tony Savarino stepping in after his departure.

In recent years GIVE have reunited and released several previously unavailable songs from the beginning of the 2000’s as well as a EP of alternate mixes of song from The Dog Days of Summer, all of them featuring Chris. As of 2019 four new songs were released.

  • Solo

Chris released a four track EP titled Songs from the Basement sometime in the mid 2000’s through his MySpace page. Unfortunately, the EP is currently not available elsewhere.

Robert “Chicken” Burke

  • Drugs

Drugs is a supergroup led by George Clinton and featuring Parliament-Funkadelic’s Garry Shider and Mike ‘Clip’ Payne along with Robert Burke, Joey Eppard of 3, Adam Widoff and Stephanie McKay. The band released an album titled The Prescription for Mis-America in 2003 that was reissued in 2008 with alternate track listing and additional tracks.

Robert was a drummer for the band and also made his contribution to the songwriting on the album.

Drugs were also giving regular live shows from 2015 to 2018 with Robert Burke participating.

  • Toshi Reagon and BIGLovely

Robert Burke became involved with Toshi Reagon in late 1990’s playing drums on her 1999 album The Righteous Ones. He continued to work with Reagon as a primary drummer on her 2004 EP I Be Your Water and 2005 album Have You Heard and later joined Reagon as a touring drummer for her backing band BIGLovely.

During his time with BIGLovely Robert participated in various events led by Reagon, including operas The Temptation of St. Anthony and Parable of the Sower and other theatrical performances. He continues to perform with Reagon to this day.

  • The Duke & The King

Simon Felice of The Felice Brothers (The Duke) and Robert Burke (The King) put up a band towards the end of 2000’s. The duo released two studio albums, Nothing Gold Can Stay (2009) and Long Live The Duke & The King (2010) with the latter including Simi Sernaker and Nowell Haskins as full time band members. A self-titled best of compilation album was also released in 2011.

  • Maya Solovey

A similar partnership to Kate Davis and Tim Bright worked with Maya Solovey and Robert Burke. Robert took part in recording of three Maya’s records to date mainly playing drums. They include: albums I​:​II (2011) and Blue Heart (2016), and Forte EP (2012)

  • The King of Nothing

The King of Nothing is referred as a recent solo project by Robert Burke featuring Kat Otterson. Not much is known.