“Like a Flower” – new original song by Lazlo Bane

“Like a Flower” – new original song by Lazlo Bane

Lazlo Bane have released a new video and single for the song “Like a Flower”.

“Like a Flower” is not only the first Lazlo Bane video of 2023 but unlike the previous releases is a brand new original composition. This makes the song the first release of original material in any form since “MySpace Page” circa 2007.

The video directed by Chad Fischer continues the space travel theme of “Life on Mars” and mixes live footage along with band animation. The latter is presented in two forms, the first of which we’ve seen in “Thanks for Christmas” video and the second is entirely new one.

“Like a Flower” video is available on Chad Fischer’s Youtube channel.

And you can get the song in preferable format via the following link.

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