Strange Boy by Kate Davis

Strange Boy by Kate Davis

Kate Davis has announced her second rock album Strange Boy to be released on January 15, 2021.

The album is in fact a full cover of Daniel Johnston’s 1984 release Retired Boxer replicating the original running order with recordings of Kate’s friends sharing memories that they have of Johnston as interludes between each of the nine songs on the album. Kate Davis continued her collaboration with Tim Bright as the album was produced by Bright and Davis and was also mixed by the former. The album artwork was done by Kate’s sister known as bluemaddog2020.

The first single “I’ll Do Anything But Breakdance For Ya, Darling” is already available to stream/download via Kate’s bandcamp and other major online platforms.

Currently there are two physical formats of the album: deep blue vinyl and cassette limited to 300 and 100 copies respectively. Details of the formats and additional information about the album can be found on Kate’s bandcamp. There are also several interesting bundles available through Solitaire Recordings online store, most notable Strange Boy blue vinyl + Trophy purple vinyl.

Kate Davis Strange Boy limited edition LP


1. Make God Your Boyfriend
2. I’ll Do Anything But Breakdance For Ya, Darling
3. Loveless Friend
4. Bye Bye Barbie
5. You Are Going To Die Alone
6. Fighting With Myself
7. The End Of Your Life
8. Too Young To Die
9. Is That Cheesy?
10. This Song
11. One Of Her Depressing Playlists
12. Feels Good
13. Licking Baby George
14. Oh No
15. He Can Really Rock
16. Strange Boy
17. If My Ears Were Better And I Could Understand The Words
18. True Love Will Find You In The End




LP + Cassette

Strange Boy LP + Trophy LP

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  1. A live performance of the first single “I’ll Do Anything But Breakdance For Ya, Darling” featuring Tim Bright and recorded in his new Oso Recording studio is now available on Kate’s Youtube channel.

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