“Life on Mars” by Lazlo Bane in finally out!

“Life on Mars” by Lazlo Bane in finally out!

The new Lazlo Bane video for the cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” is out.

In the video the band reprise their roles of astronauts from “I’m Not in Love” music video and travel to … Mars where they meet the aliens thus finding the answer to the song’s core question.

The video is Lazlo Bane’s fifth since 2020 and it has been teased a lot on the band member’s social media since the beginning of September. If you followed Chad Fischer before then while watching the video it becomes clear that “Life on Mars” was in the works much earlier.

Besides the release of “Life on Mars” yet another incredible fact is the announcement of the new Lazlo Bane album titled Someday We’ll Be Together, also to be released this week.

The “Life on Mars” video is available on Chad Fischer’s Youtube channel.

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