New studio album Someday We’ll Be Together by Lazlo Bane

New studio album Someday We’ll Be Together by Lazlo Bane

On 30th October Lazlo Bane released a new album – Someday We’ll Be Together. The album followed on the next day after the announcement through the “Life on Mars” music video.

Credited to Lazlo Bane & Friends the album consist of 12 songs Lazlo Bane and Chad Fischer released as videos since April 2020. These are 5 songs originally released as Lazlo Bane and 7 more as Chad Fischer’s solo recordings. For some reason the song “Nature’s Way”, which was Fischer’s second video release, isn’t included.

The album is available through streaming services. No news about the physical release yet.

Here’s several links where you can get Someday We’ll Be Together:


  1. Trampoline
  2. 1975
  3. 3 Strange Days (feat. School of Fish)
  4. I’m No Superman
  5. Dear God (feat. Lyle Workman & Amelia Dektor)
  6. Big Shot (feat. Larry Goldings)
  7. I’ll Do Everything
  8. A Life of Illusion
  9. You’ve Got a Friend (feat. Louise Goffin & Colin Hay)
  10. Our House
  11. Ship of Fools
  12. Life on Mars
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