“Ship of Fools” – new Lazlo Bane video released

“Ship of Fools” – new Lazlo Bane video released

Lazlo Bane have released a new video – a cover version of the World Party’s 80’s single  “Ship of Fools”.

The band, joined by Laary Goldings on keyboards, is shown performing in a variety of places themed around the environmental problems concluding with the message to save our planet in the end of the video.

The video features Make Everyday Earth Day logo on the Chicken’s drum that was designed by Brooke Fischer. It is available on a number of merch here.

It is also notable that “Ship of Fools” has never been released by Lazlo Bane in any kind before, unlike the case with the band’s previous video releases. This makes it the first “new” addition to Guilty Pleasures the 80’s from 2012. Could this lead somewhere?

As before, the video is available on Chad Fischer’s Instagram and Youtube channels.

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