Lazlo Bane members reunite for a new version of “Superman”

Lazlo Bane members reunite for a new version of “Superman”

It was twenty years ago today…

Someday, we’ll be together

Chad Fischer, Tim Bright, Chris Link and Chicken reunited to record and perform online a new version of their signature song “Superman”.

The fantasticly edited video shows the band members perform together every instrument in the song, while for an outro they are joined by an ensemble cast of family and friends which is supported by lots and lots of videos of people singing the ending lines. Guest cameos include Scrubs cast members Zach Braff and Neil Flynn, Colin Hay, Lisa Loeb, Josh Radin, Cary Brothers, Lyle Workman, Larry Goldings, Kate Davis and many more.

The occasion celebrates the song’s 20th anniversary, as it was released on early edition of All the Time in the World and Tao of Steve Soundtrack in 2000.

The song titled “I’m No Superman (QC)” is available on Chad Fischer’s Instagram, Chad’s Youtube channelTim Bright’s InstagramZach Braff’s Instagram and is dedicated to Chad Fischer cousins, Caryn & Alex Fischer – health care workers who are currently operating in New York in the context of COVID-19 epidemic.

The video is also in loving memory to Scrubs cast member, Sam Lloyd Jr, who passed away on April 30, 2020 as a result of complications from lung cancer.

Chad Fischer is also trying to raise awareness to the problems that medical staff faces in terms of adequate supply and protection during COVID-19 and encourages you to sign National Nurses United Union petitions:

Watch the video, share it and stay safe.

P.S. “I’m No Superman (QC)” is added to the videos sections of the website as well.


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