“Trampoline” cover by Samsara

“Trampoline” cover by Samsara

The information about the song “Trampoline” was updated to highlight the fact that it was covered by Tim Bright’s band Samsara, the fact that somehow escaped lazlobane.net before.

The song was actually released on Samsara’s album Fast Too Slow and the band appeared performing it on the TV show Fearless Music in mid 2000’s. The video of the performance can now be found on the Videos page. Not only this, but the song was also released on the several live compilations featuring outtakes from Fearless Music performances.

To combine information with references in one place, a new (very) small Wikipedia page for “Trampoline” has been created.

So, enjoy the new shape of “Trampoline” as video and audio and good luck getting a hold on the Samsara’s studio version.

P.S. Also check out the new lyric video for “Superman” in the Videos section.

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