New website section: Related projects

A new big section has been added to the – Related projects.

This section puts together and covers the solo works of Chad Fischer, Tim Bright, Chris Link and Robert Burke and their involvement in other bands as official members or involvement that can be pretty much classified as that, like collaborations between Colin Hay and Chad Fischer for example.

A look at Lazlo Bane member’s work from this angle reveals a whole lot of music of different kinds and genres to explore and accompany Lazlo Bane’s discography, as Chad, Chris, Tim and Robert all took part in numerous project over the years.


Note that Lazlo Bane member’s work in other fields like production, music scoring, songwriting or session musicians is not featured.

As usual, if you have some information to add feel free to use contact form in the About the website page.

P.S. Links section has been updated with additional band member’s official links. Get music page has also been updated with content and links.

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