Trophy album by Kate Davis

Trophy album by Kate Davis

Kate Davis, the New York based musician, has an upcoming debut album Trophy that features an extensive collaboration with Tim Bright. The album is going to be released on November 8, 2019 on Solitaire Recordings.

Tim played guitar, provided horn arrangements, produced and engineered the album. The recording itself mainly took place in Tim’s Sixty Cycle Music studio.

Aside from studio work Tim made a directional debut with the music video for the song “Cloud” and participated in creation of the lyric video for the song “Open Heart”. Adding to this Tim has also been performing with Kate live. A number of clips and pics from the shows can be found via Kate’s Instagram.

Trophy is available to pre-order on CD, cassette and digital format with 5 singles that were released so far available instantly. They are “rbbts”, “Cloud”, “Open Heart”, the title track and “Daisy”. For more information about the album and to pre-order visit Kate Davis’ bandcamp page. Kate is also hitting the road in November for the US East Coast tour and continuing in January in Europe. For dates, cities and tickets visit facebook.

P.S. Additional track by Kate Davis produced by Tim Bright has been previously released on the soundtrack album for the film Five Feet Apart.

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