New single “Holding It Down” by GIVE

New single “Holding It Down” by GIVE

GIVE have just released a new song “Holding It Down”, which itself is dated back to the early 2000’s. As other early GIVE recordings it features Chris Link on guitar and Chad Fischer as recording and mixing engineer.

It is the fourth release of the early recorded but not originally released material by GIVE. According to band’s drummer Stephen Hart GIVE have recorded eight songs aside from their debut 2001 EP The Dog Days of Summer. That means that more songs could appear in the future and they even might turn into a studio album release. So I encourage you to support the band on their archive work. More info about GIVE can be found on their facebook and bandcamp pages. For details about Chris’ collaboration with the band visit Related projects section which recieved an update.

P.S. The Related projects section has also been updated with information about Tim Bright’s music work.

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