All the Time in the World LP review

All the Time in the World LP review

It’s been a while after the release of All the Time in the World LP by Lonestar Records and i’ve finally recieved the record myself and was able to have a closer look at it. Let’s get started then.

The main thing that held my concern was the actual tracklisting as the album had a number of the variations in the past. And the vinyl version turned out to be yet another unique. So, the eleventh track is “Breath Me In”, but the second side of the LP does not feature the hidden track, which is most likely due to time constraints. The CD version of the album is 45 minutes and 27 seconds long, while the last 6 tracks without the hidden track already run for 23 minutes 10 seconds, which is more than recommended 22 minutes per side. That’s why additional 1,5 minutes were probably cut.

The vinyl itself is translucent pale blue (“electric” blue as it was marketed) and weights 150g, which is the first step in heavy category and is a fair balance between production cost and audio quality. The LP is packed in black protective sleeve.

All the Time in the World LP

The sticker on the cover says that the pressing is limited to 500 copies, which is common for the recent Lonestar Records releases, and mastered at Masterdisk NY, the information not featured on the album’s back cover itself.

All the Time in the World sticker

Somewhat a disappointment for me was the absence of the album credits. There was little mentioned on the back cover, so there could be an insert providing more detailed credits like on the CD release. But that kind of information unfortunately wasn’t included. So the detailed album credits are only available on the CD liner notes so far.

All the Time in the World back cover

And that is it. In the end, my biggest gratitude to Lonestar Records for this release. It turned out to be a real desired Christmas present for me, which would always be a pleasure to listen to.

Looking forward for more vinyl releases of Lazlo Bane music. Guilty Pleasures double LP would be a real treat. Don’t you think?

P.S. For more information about the release visit the newly created Discogs page. Wikipedia page has also been updated.

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