Youtube channel launched Youtube channel launched now has it’s own Youtube channel – lazlobane_net.

The main reason for creating a channel is to make several lost Lazlo Bane videos available for Youtube viewers.

As of now they include:

  • Two videos done by British creative duo Clay Cow Productions: “Superman” in clay and magnificent noir “Scene of the Crime”
  • A dance by Theis & Nuno from┬áStorbydans Youtube channel to the Lazlo Bane’s cover of “Lime in the Coconut”
  • Illustrated video for “Hold Me” that used to be found on Youtube
  • Guilty Pleasures AD released via Myspace blog at the time of making the album

Some of these videos were previously available on Youtube or Vimeo but over time they vanished. Unfortunately, their versions on┬álazlobane_net are lower quality, but in the other hand this piece of history it’s better than nothing.

As for the Clay Cow Productions, their videos used to be available on now defunct website. Clay Cow made a total of four music videos for Lazlo Bane songs: two in clay and two live action. Two videos, live action “Lonely Boy” and “Alone Again” in clay are still nowhere to be found. The former video was also acknowledged in the band’s Myspace blog.

If you have the links or the videos themselves, or you think that additional videos should be part of lazlobane_net channel feel free to share it in the comments or in the contact section.


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