2019 in review

2019 in review

As 2019 recently stepped out for 2020 it’s time to look back on what a year it have been. And actually, a lot of interesting things have happened.

First of all Chad Fischer scored the first season of the new TV series Weird City which was released in February. A new film Eat Brains Love which he also scored was screened this year at several film festivals, however there’s still no wider release for which we are looking forward.

In the second half of 2019 a major thing happened: Chad Fischer launched his own brand new website along with relaunching his Instagram and Youtube accounts which was timed with the October release of his solo album National Parks. The album was purely instrumental and as the name suggests it was dedicated to the American National Parks. The album was accompanied by several music videos that totally enhanced the audio experience and the whole perception of the music. As for now the four of them are available on the Chad’s Youtube channel.

Other ventures that Chad Fischer participated in include the mixing of the album by Ian Bowers titled December Wildfire which was released towards the end of the year.

Tim Bright has been collaborating extensively with indie singer-songwriter Kate Davis. The first song by Kate Davis was released in March, a cover of “My Baby Just Cares For Me” from the soundtrack album for the film Five Feet Apart. Tim took the job of production and mixing. Kate’s full length album followed in November and featured a whole lot input from Tim, including session work, production and engineering. Moreover he participated in creation of the music videos, including the direction of the video for the song “Cloud”, and was a member of Kate’s backing band, both before the album’s release and on tour after. There’s an opportunity to look closer at Kate Davis’ live performances as the session at Paste Studio, NY was made available on Youtube in full. By the end of the year Trophy also recieved a number of very positive reviews. Kate Davis would continue the tour in Europe in 2020.

This year the documentary about Sam Fox’s goal to set a speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail titled Elevation Change finally recieved a release through major online platforms. Tim Bright provided the score.

GIVE continued to release previously recorded songs of the early 2000s featuring Chris Link. The song “Holding It Down” (mixed by Chad Fischer by the way) has been released as a new digital single in July, the only one for GIVE in 2019. However, it has already been mentioned that additional material would be made available in 2020. So, looking forward to it.

As for the website itself, a new section Related Projects has been added. It features information about the bands and musicians with whom Chad, Tim, Chis or Chicken collaborated mainly as band members. The section recieved several updates over the year and would continue to do so in the future.

Another notable feature of the year is that Paris Hampton and Samsara self-titled debut albums and Samsara two EPs have been added to discogs. Some of the records are already available for sale for those who search for rare music this days.

New news will continue to appear on the website and there are a few additions in the plans as well.

Have a happy 2020;)

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