11 Transistor

11 Transistor

Release Date: 28 January 1997


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “I’ll Do Everything” Chad Fischer / Jon Simon 3:21
2. “Wax Down Wings” Fischer 4:05
3. “Flea Market Girl” Fischer / Kevin Hunter 3:56
4. “Buttercup” Fischer / Lyle Workman 3:44
5. “1975” Fischer 2:50
6. “View From The Pavement” Fischer / Workman 4:26
7. “Sleep” Fischer 4:52
8. “Novakane” Fischer 2:37
9. “Last Black Jelly Bean” Fischer 2:12
10. “Overkill” (feat. Colin Hay) Colin Hay 4:14
11. “Midday Train” Fischer / Anders Rundblad 3:55
69. “Prada Wallet” (hidden track) Fischer / Josh Clayton-Felt / Hunter 1:12

Japanese edition bonus track


The album was released on CD, cassette and digital download.

Advance CD

The CD came without the front cover, but featured some facts about the band on the back cover.

Regular CD

The regular version of the album is know to be released in the US, Canada and Australia. It featured 12 tracks, eleven of which were included in the tracklisting and one, “Prada Wallet”, appeared as a hidden track. The notable thing is that “Prada Wallet” came as 69th track which was preceded by 57 tracks of silence.

Promo CD

Some of the editions were maked as promo on the CD itself with no other differences from the regular edition.

Japanese CD

The Japanese edition of the album included an extra track, a cover of The Beatles’ “Mean Mr. Mustard”, and a booklet with information about the band and songs’ lyrics. The Japanese edition kept the silent tracks which made “Mean Mr. Mustard” the 70th track overall.

Japanese edition also had several spelling mistakes on the back cover in the titles of “View From The Pavement”, “Novakane” and “Last Black Jelly Bean”. It also had a spelling mistake in the band’s name making it Razlo Bane…


Songs from “I’ll Do Everything” to “View Fron the Pavement” are on side one, the rest are one side two, including hiddent track “Prada Wallet” which starts after 3:48 of silence, just like on the CD.

The booklet also includes different picture of the band than the CD version.