“What Makes Us Tick” – new single by GIVE is out

“What Makes Us Tick” – new single by GIVE is out

GIVE have released a new single in the end of November – “What Makes Us Tick”.

The song is from 2002 and is a relative departure from the classic hard rock style of GIVE and is much more melodic, reminiscent of the song “Colosseum” from the 3 reunion EP.

Unlike the majority of GIVE single releases since 2017 “What Makes Us Tick” was mixed by Paul Kolderie and not by Chad Fischer. As of todya, the only other song mixed by Paul is “How I Feel Tonight” released in 2018.

The single is the third out of the initially promised four new songs of 2020. While the previous releases were coming in a steady pace of once per quarter, it was a five month gap untilĀ “What Makes Us Tick”, leaving only a month for the fourth and final single.

You can listen and download “What Makes Us Tick” from the band’s bandcamp page.

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