Big Spill

Big Spill

Release date: 23 April 2013

Release notes


Rock and Roll meets Lucifer for a playdate with Kiss and the ghost of Bon Scott

Hewn from the mystical stone of Mt. Olympus, four Gods descended among mortals to preach the gospel of bone-crushing rock. Four studs, ready to mount and chase glory into Lucifer’s last ditch. Dino, Fuzzy, Licks, and Stixxx. Zeus alone gave them their awesome power and Zeus alone could take it away. But did he? Nay! And thus the foursome slayed fans and critics alike, shaming poseurs and shining a blazing light on the future of mankind. Let there be light. Let there be rock. Let there be The Rage.



Maybe the finest Rock record of our time. Nope, check that, definitely the finest Rock record of all time.


  1. “Switch Hitter” – 2:50
  2. “Dirty Old Man” – 2:32
  3. “Big Spill” – 2:06
  4. “Tailgate” – 2:22
  5. “Gamblin’ Man” – 2:07
  6. “Rock and Roll” – 3:40
  7. “Take No Prisoners” – 2:02
  8. “Out of Controll” – 2:03
  9. “One Mistake” – 2:52
  10. “King of Scum” – 4:17
  11. “Black Nanny Malone” – 2:47
  12. “Black Fly” – 3:02


The album was released as a digital download.